Forget the Resolutions

Jan 01, 2023

If you’re like most of the population you’ve made at least one New Year’s Resolution. Fundamentally there’s nothing wrong with this. In practice, it’s proven that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work.

Why don’t they work?

  1. You strive for perfection so the first time you deviate from the “perfect” path towards your resolutions you consider it failure and give up.
  2. You don’t have a clear vision of where you are going and why. You hear this all the time when we discuss your “Big Why” and having an annual, monthly, weekly and daily plan.  These tools keep you focused on the task at hand. They allow you to stop and evaluate whether your actions meet your goals and support your Big Why. By checking in often you’re able to correct your course faster and more effectively.
  3. Finally, you don’t have the support they need. We all need someone that is going to hold the space for us to falter. A person that will remind us it’s okay to make mistakes. Someone that will pick us up and brush us off on the days we feel beaten down. A person that will celebrate with us on the days we have success. Someone that will “tough love” us and hold us accountable to our goals when we allow ourselves to lose sight of our Big Why. A person that will remind us of why we are doing this in the first place.

My wish for you is that you skip the resolutions and come up with intentions and goals/desired outcomes with a plan to get there. Allowing yourself the time and the grace to achieve the desired outcome. This is about your path and part of getting to the end result is the journey and all that happens along the way. Do not compare yourself to others because they do not have the same path as you, nor the same goals, nor the same Big Why. This is about you – no one else. It does not matter how quickly you arrive at your goal what matters is getting there. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

That takes care of the “perfection” issue associated with resolutions.

If you’re wondering where to start, here are some suggestions for areas to set intentions and goals in:


My suggestion would be to set your intention and desired outcome for each of these categories in 2023 and for the next three or five years. Writing these down and then creating a plan that goes from broad down to the specifics addresses the second issue with resolutions. It sets you on a path to success.

That leaves us with the third, and often the hardest issue to overcome, finding the support you need in order to reach your goals. Obviously I believe having a coach is the number one best way to get the support you need. A coach is there to listen to and support you with no agenda or stake in the game other than a commitment to you and what you want to achieve. If you’d like to discuss how coaching would benefit you please contact us for a free exploratory session.

There’s another person it’s important you share your goals with, your spouse or significant other. Ideally both of you would do these separately and then come together to see where there are synergies and where you differ. By discussing where you’re on the same page and where you differ you’ll be able to come up with a workable plan rather than heading down a path without a map. This is especially important for the areas where you differ. It allows you to find a middle ground that works for you both or to agree on having different paths in some areas yet to support each other in those areas.

Hopefully this gets your juices flowing and you’re putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to get those intentions and outcomes down for 2023.

We’re here to support you in whatever way we can.

Here’s to an AMAZING 2023!