Why Would I Need a Coach?

Nov 01, 2022

Most people have no clue what a coach does. In fact, I’m pretty sure my friends and family pretend they understand what I do and secretly they’re scratching their heads wondering how I spend my days. So if you don’t know what a coach does, it makes sense then that you’d have no idea why you would need a coach.

Here are just a few reasons you might hire a coach:

You are stuck.

You are in analysis paralysis. Maybe you have a decision to make…should you leave your job, change careers, start a business, expand your business, pack it all in and move to South America or __________ (you fill in the blank). The decision could be just about anything and the common thread is you don’t know how to sort through the options. You’re confused by thoughts of success versus the “what ifs”.

A coach will listen and help you get past the “what ifs”. We’ll work with you to get clear about what you want and what’s important to you about this decision. No, we won’t tell you what to do or make the decision for you but we will move you out of analysis paralysis into action.

You feel frustrated, restless, lost or confused.

Do you know something needs to change you just don’t know what? Maybe you hate your job? Maybe you’re bored with life? Maybe you think there’s more out there than what you’re doing? Maybe you’ve spent your life in a field that you know isn’t meant for you?

Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t have listed all of these if they weren’t common and normal.

A coach helps you sort out what’s behind the frustration, restlessness or confusion. We figure out what you value – not what you’ve been told is the “right” thing for you. When you know what your personal values are then you can make choices based on those values. Your life feels much calmer when you’re clear about what’s important to you and you’re living based on your values rather than what you think you “should” be doing.

You are unhappy.

Life really is too short to be unhappy so something needs to change. Odds are, if you’re unhappy, at some level you need to change. Fun, I know.

A coach will help you get clear about why you’re unhappy. Then we’ll help you make the changes to get back to your “happy” place. Maybe you’re saying, “I know why I’m unhappy.” And maybe you do. Often times we think it’s one thing, and it’s another. A coach will save you time and misery by getting to the root of things so you can create a plan back to happiness.

You are ready to take things to a new level.

Things are going good. You feel happy, successful…solid. Now you’re ready to play a bigger game. It’s time to take your business/relationship/health/finances to the next level. Only maybe you aren’t clear what the next level is, or how to get there? Maybe you have some anxiety or fear around “going for it”. After all, things are good…maybe good is good enough.

A coach can help you clarify what the next level means for you, why it’s important to you and whether you want to go for it. The more clarity you have around your vision the faster you can reach that next level. Once you’re crystal clear around your vision and why it’s important to you, a coach will help you create and implement the plan to get there. You’ll have an accountability partner, a cheerleader and a sounding board to help you maneuver any speed bumps or potholes on the road to that next level.

You’re comfortable.

There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. It’s what we strive for, right? There’s also a fine line between being comfortable and being complacent or settling. Growth does not occur in your comfort zone. Are you just going through the motions at this point or are you living life to it’s fullest?

A good coach with invite you to explore the unknown. We’ll challenge you and stand by you while you step out of your comfort zone and into your passion.

You’re scared.

Let’s get real here…we are all scared of something – change, embarrassment, sharks, looking stupid, failure, success, the future, the dark, what people will think, being unlovable, heights, leaving, staying, spiders…the list goes on.

It’s normal to be afraid. In fact, if you aren’t afraid chances are you have gotten comfortable (see above). So how do you manage your fears or even overcome them?

Working with a coach allows you to get clear on what your fear REALLY is (often we think it’s one thing and as we drill down we find it’s something totally different). Then we provide the space and the tools for you to take action in spite of those fears. Taking action is the most powerful way to change the way you look at and feel about your fears. We can turn fear into a powerful force for growth and change in your life rather than something that holds you back.

You’ve gone through a life changing event and wonder, “Now what?”

Coaching isn’t therapy. As coaches we don’t “fix” you. That would imply that you’re broken and you aren’t. We also don’t have a “magic bullet” that solves everything. Sorry, we haven’t perfected the formula just yet.

As coaches, what we do is come from the belief that you have all the answers, resources, creativity and tools in you to create the life and business you desire. We are trained to guide you through the process of helping you find those answers. We help you tap into your strengths to reach your goals. We hold you accountable. We kick you in the butt when you need it and we are your biggest cheerleaders. We believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

Here’s the reality, in today’s insanely busy world we rarely stop long enough to think about what we want and where we are going. Nor do most of us have someone that is there for us to use as a sounding board that will focus on us 100% without their own agenda. Coaching gives you the support and space to stop, focus, hear yourself think and get clear about where you’re going in your business and your life. It sounds simple and it is a game changer for most people.